CITADEL BRANDS / AWDis Trade Show Schedule

    ASI Orlando - Jan 3rd - Jan 5th
    PPAI Las Vegas - Jan 13th - Jan 17th
    ISS Long Beach - Jan 18th - Jan 20th
    ASI Ft Worth - Feb 4th - Feb 6th
    ISS Atlantic City - March 21st - March 23rd
    NBM Irving - March 28th - 30th
    NBM Milwaukee - May 17th - May 18th
    ASI Chicago - July 9th - July 11th
    NBM Secaucus - Jul 25th - Jul 26th
    NBM Columbus - Sep 12th - Sep 14th
    ISS Fort Worth - Sep 27th - Sep 29th
    NBM Denver - Oct 11th - Oct 12th
    NBM Charlotte - Nov 8th - Nov 9th
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